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What is SEO and why do I need it?

 It is important to step back approximately 25-30 years ago when the internet was created (History of the internet)). The world began to connect computers to each other and have a need to share information between each other. Company 'A' in California (selling grapes) and company 'B' in Virginia (producing wine) needed to share information. Now this information could be anything but for the most part it was text and pictures. So now imagine that the company 'A' had 1,000 electronic pages of information that company 'B' needed.

" very careful with anyone claiming they know how to get you to number one on Google search."

How would they find the "right" page?  Well they could call California and describe what they wanted and the someone in California would say, "oh, you need this page----http://californiaA/redgrape/10.html". Virginia company would say, "thanks", hang up and type in that location and get the page. Now this would go on for each page and for each company that need that information. As the years moved on companies came and went, and the need for other companies to see that same information became more and more important. So this developed into a need to help companies and people share with each other what they had. Without a master "lookup" book (like a yellow pages) it became near impossible. So companies were created that would put all information about these pages in one spot and so the world of searching became a multi-billion dollar environment.

Through the years many companies have tried to create these master directories. There were AOL (America Online), Infoseek, Yahoo, Microsoft and Google just to name a few. In fact, at the time of this writing there are too many search engines to count. Some of them are specific purposes. For example, if you....

Search Engine Purpose
DuckDuckGo Doesn't track or personalize searches
DogPile Combines the results of top engines
Topsy Latest tweets
List Goes on...

There are some search engines that are still reviewed by humans but since there are over 30 trillion unique individual pages and more are added each day this work was been largely replaced by spiders. Spiders are little bits of code that move (crawl) through each page looking for nuggets of information (it doesn't hurt). This information can be text, pictures, audio, etc. They also look at the kinds of words used. All of this information is than run through a mathematical formula (aka. algorithm) with certain bits of information getting higher marks.  The result of all this information determines when and where you appear on the search engines result sets. The idea is the higher the score the more relevant it must be. Through the years, search engines have "tweaked" these formulas to provide results that for the most part have been exactly what people are looking for, except one of them has done it better -- Google. In fact as of April 2016 the % of market share on searching is;

Search Engine % of Market
Google 63.8%
Microsoft (Bing) 21.6%
Yahoo 12.2%
(All Others) 2.4%

That is why most sites try to optimize for Google, Bing and Yahoo. (Remember each one of them has their own formula, so what is ranked higher to Bing may not be as high to Google and vice-versa. As you can imagine (SEO) Search Engine Optimization companies have popped up everywhere with claims to get you to the top of Google. First, be very careful with anyone claiming to be able to do this. The reason is one knows the math or algorithm that goes into this equations. They can take a good guess but the fact that no one knows is what allows the best to rise to the top. For example if I knew that if a search engine looked at words only and I wanted to be ranked high, I might use the word "best wine" every other sentence on my site.  I might create a page and write something like this;

"Our company makes the best wine and our customer agree that we make the best wine. Call us to try some of our best wine to see if it truly is the best wine you have ever tasted."

Wow! this must really be important to someone looking for the best wine. Not fact it might very well be the opposite. That is why Google might actually assign negative points to your site. There is a natural balance of word usage that Google assigns to your key words. I reiterate, no one knows for sure what that balance is. There is a general understanding that Google takes into account things like, Titles of pages, pictures that describe want you are showing, how long have you had your domain name, who long have you bought your domain name, how many other sites link to your site, how many people comment about your sites on their sites and the list goes on -with no one knowing the end. All of this is not meant for you to throw the towel in but for you to understand that SEO is important and can be confusing. James River Webs, understand the areas that go into search engine optimization and can help you. Give us a call (757) 871-8920 and we can actually do a site analysis and provide recommendations.

I will write about Google ads in an upcoming article....

How do I write a Blog article using

If you are a client of James River Webs or if you have the platform than this is a quick article on how to write an article. Although getting to the ‘Add’ article is typically easy, it does takes some thought about the content, words, and idea of the article.

Step 1: You should receive from your blog administrator (James River Webs) the url for the login. Typically it would something like this. www.{domainname}.com/blog/admin   (where {domainname} is represents your domain name).


Step 2: Enter the log in information provided from your blog administrator (James River Webs).

Step 3: Click on Posts. (If you do not see it then click on Content first)

Step 4: Click on New

Step 5: Give it a title and type your article. (You can copy and paste from another document)

Step 6: Click on Save  (Do not click on Publish)

Step 7: If you have set up for James River Webs to proof your articles then send an email to your representative at James River Webs to notify them you have written and article.


Things to consider for both human and search engine optimizations.

  • Make sure you use your keywords (defined by your keyword document) at least 2-3 times.
  • Make sure your article is at least 2-3 paragraphs.
  • Make sure your title is descriptive enough but not too long. Typically keep the title under 50-60 letters.
  • Use helper words. For example if you are writing an article on medicine. You might use the words prescription, pharmacy, side effects, dosages, etc.
  • Make sure that you have spelled everything correctly.
  • Read your article out loud. This will help with syntax.
  • Use a few links in your article as well (James River Webs can help with this).
  • You can have other people write for you. (Contact James River Webs) to set them up on their own account.
  • Try and write 4 articles a month at regular times (once a week, etc.)
  • You can add pictures as well.


Who is James River Webs, Inc?

Even though this is my first blog article on our new blog site it is not my first blog article ever. Over the last 10 years I have written hundreds of blog articles for other companies. For example you can find some of my articles on After moving my sites away from Arvixe to last year (reasons for another article), I decided that it would make more sense for us to write articles on a platform we fully control. Thus was born.

This blog will contain articles for different audiences. Some will be very technical in nature (fellow developers) while others will be written to help our clients understand internet concepts and to think about new areas. So now that you know who the audience is and why we did this let me explain a little about who we are.

James River was founded back in 2003 and our desire was and continues to be to help small business produce a very strong end-to-end web presence. I know what your thinking, there are a lot of companies out there that do that and some only charge a few dollars per month. Agreed- but no matter how you use them they all require YOU to do the work and become a pseudo webmaster. They have built tools that require you to widgitize (my word) your site. In other words, you drag and drop and you figure out the page layouts, and you clean the pictures up and you place them on the pages. you also accept that their cookie cutter SEO is enough to place you at the top. You do all of this while hoping that you are doing it right. But if everyone's site looks similar and has the same SEO applied then how can your site be better than your competitor. James River Webs, feels that we can provide the tailored environment to not only build your site but also add SEO tools that enhance your site.

We prides ourselves on getting to know your business and partnering with you to create a web site that is as unique as your company needs are. We understand many of the challenges that small businesses face because we face them ourselves. We listen to you and explain terminology and best practices while also giving you ideas that will enhance your presence. There is one caveat, because we want to work with small businesses and cater to their individual needs we do not accept businesses that directly compete with an already existing customer. For example, if we do your landscaping web site then we will not accept another client that is in mainly in landscaping. We feel that by doing so we generate a conflict of interest. After all their can't be two number ones ranked at Google.

So go ahead and drop us a note or call us (757)871-8920 to see if we can help you and check back for more great articles.

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